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  • Silk Face Masks

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Silk Face Masks

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Why Silk?

100% Mulberry Silk is:

*Anti-microbial - kills or slows down the spread of acne causing microbes

*Hypoallergenic - naturally hypoallergenic and free from skin irritants found in traditional masks

*Breathable - cooling and moisture wicking properties

This is a must have item. I was breaking out near my jawline and chin from wearing cheap, toxic masks. Trust me, the price is worth it. It is so silky and soft, feels amazing on my skin, and does NOT break me out. Bless 😇 Bonus, it is beautiful. Can not recommend these items enough.


Jess M, New York

All ACNE PRONE PEOPLES!!! This mask is for you! I work full time in healthcare so I spent 40 hours a week wearing an itchy N5 mask, causing breakouts, irritating my already existing cystic acne. I’ve been wearing normal cotton ones underneath but this is a game changer! The material is so silky and soft and feels like nothing is on your face. Also beautiful color and very stylish.


Rachel T, Seattle

This mask SAVED me!! I’ve never had acne before but since being a nurse in covid I’ve gotten the worst maskne! 😩 This mask feels incredible on my skin and has really helped with maskne. It’s also so the most comfortable and breathable mask I’ve worn, and it’s gorgeous.


Brittany G, Detroit